There are a number of ways in which social care workers help in childcare, whether that be individual care of a child that is deemed as threatened or at risk or just helping a parent who may be unable to provide constant required care for children.

There are different degrees to which a child may need to be cared for. For example, it may be that childcare needs to be provided for a couple of hours per day or perhaps a child will need constant childcare and be placed into foster care, however whatever a child needs is the top priority of social care workers and will be catered for appropriately.

Social Care and Childcare

The top concerns for social care and childcare are that the children in care are healthy and enjoying, learning and achieving. These important factors are combined with keeping the child in a safe, stable environment where they can contribute positively to a society that respects their rights.

Childcare for children identifies that children do not all have an equal start in their life and targeted support should be provided to those individuals and particular groups that require help. This ensures that all young people have an opportunity to fulfil their potential and that they have the emotional support their well-being requires.

As children are the future it is of the utmost importance that each individual has access to the same rights all young people are subject to, including support, healthcare, education and a safe environment.

Social care workers are creating new strategies to increase preventative services and support that will help to keep vulnerable families stay together in order to prevent a child being removed from their family environment. For those children who cannot live at home, provisions are made to ensure a quality, stable placement option either on a temporary or more permanent basis.

Those who will be caring for children are subject to vigorous checks that ensure they are the correct candidate for the individual and that the child will be in the best care possible. Alongside this social care workers ensure children receive regular and normal education in a school environment and provide opportunities for children to take part in activities outside of school and care, which is a dramatic improvement to their quality of life.

Through strengthening the support given to young people leaving care and becoming adults social care workers contribute massively to transforming these once vulnerable underprivileged youngsters into well-functioning, stable members of society.

Without the work of social carers these children could be subject to abuse, illness, stress and other horrendous things. It is unfair for children to have such negative starts in their life and through social care these young people can be provided with a stable life their peers enjoy, providing them with a fun, carefree start where they have equal access to all privileges UK children have. Most childcare within social work is supported by the NSPCC and is aided greatly in the support and generous donations from the public.