Social Work

Social work is involved with helping individuals live a comfortable, high quality standard of life, with emphasis on those individuals who require a certain level of extra practical and physical help.

The efforts of those involved in social work can be seen throughout many different communities across the whole of the UK . Being a specialist study that is dedicated to changing social welfare and social change for the better, the majority of people involved in social work are constantly changing their goals and researching methods to improve the quality of life within the population of the UK.

What is Social Work

Within social work individuals, groups and whole communities are focused on and some of the efforts and the hard work put into communities by those involved with social work can be clearly seen in every neighbourhood.

Social work has provided much needed support and change for those people who are left vulnerable to changes within society, helping those such as the elderly, support for people with mental health needs, support for those with learning and physical disabilities, support for those suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems, the homeless, victims of domestic abuse, children in need of foster care, adoption, child protection, young offenders and unemployed or homeless children.

Through providing for these people social work has ensured the success of future generations, turning otherwise threatened members of society into functioning, happy individuals. As social work is one of the higher points on the government's agenda, large portions of money allocated to local governments help to provide the funding for the efforts of social workers.

Those working in social work dedicate their time to providing a service of practical support in order to help individuals to maintain their independence, as well as increasing their quality of life.Social workers can often end up just helping out with simple everyday tasks that seem insignificant or small to the most people, but to someone else they can make a massive difference to their life.

Most people involved in social care choose their job in order to help people live their lives to the highest possible quality. Occasionally social workers find themselves caring for someone requiring a lot of intense help or sometimes just helping those who require a small amount of practical help.

There are both part-time and full-time vacancies offered, featuring a wide variety of different working hours. This allows most social workers to fit work around other commitments.Social workers are often chosen due to their attitude and life experiences, however qualifications are still quite advantageous.

Most social workers will choose the group of people they want to work with before embarking on their career and tasks can be rather varied, however it is a rewarding and empathetic career to be involved in. Social work is always required as there will always be unfortunate individuals needing help with their lives. Through social work you could make a real difference to one of these people, as well as a huge difference to yourself.