Social Work Jobs

Jobs that involve social work have a number of significant features in common, but lay emphasis on this one point: all social care jobs will involve helping people to live their own lives.

All across the UK you will find individuals in desperate need of help, whether it be a little bit of extra practical help such as helping someone do the gardening or cook their meals to those who need a high degree of care, where you may need to contribute to fostering or helping someone overcome an addiction.

Those involved in Social work jobs are the individuals who provide this highly important and practical support and as a result those people who need help are free to maintain their independence and lead a much higher quality of life.

Careers in Social Work

The small things that social care workers do can make a massive difference to someone else's feelings as well as making a difference to the social worker themselves. Social work jobs and the tasks social workers carry out offers you quite a degree of flexibility, allowing an individual to fit work around any other commitments they may have.

There are often part-time and full-time positions available when it comes to social work jobs, offering a variety of working schedules that escape the typical 9-5 working day. Although formal qualifications are advantageous and can make the difference between whether or not you are hired, a number of people rely more on those candidates who have a good attitude and have real life experiences.

When you begin a career in social work you are offered the full support you need from the very start and as you progress throughout your career and become increasingly more experience in social work, you will partake in on the job training. If social work is what you want to do and you can envision yourself enjoying being a part of this, then you must clearly and logically consider and think about what sort of people you may wish to work with, as well as where you may wish to work.

In social work you will find there are a number of social groups you can help, including older people, the elderly, individuals with a physical disability, people who use mental health services, people who have learning disabilities, children, families and young people. Perhaps the best part of social work is that it is an hugely rewarding career. All around your community you will be able to see the many effects social work has had on society.

Those involved with social work have been known to help people such as elderly, to offer support to those with mental health needs, to give support to those with learning and physical disabilities, to give support for those suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems, the homeless, victims of domestic abuse, children in need of foster care, adoption, child protection, young offenders and unemployed or homeless children.

If you have decided you are the perfect candidate for a career in social work then there are a variety of agencies and organisations you can contact. Alternatively you can look for information online, talk to you careers advisor or visit your local jobcentre.